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September 2009

A final word from SQ...

Well kindly readers, the final issue of Spinners' Quarterly is out as of September 2009. For its contents, and in fact for all the contents ever published in SQ, have a look at the complete index.

Spinners' Quarterly was a fun way to bring together different voices, ideas, and enthusiasm about the role of handspinning in the modern world. From exploring the magnitude of spinning's impact on a world leader such as Gandhi ("Gandhi's peaceful spin", July 04) to the marvelous minutia of buttons ("Buttons: more than just doer uppers", Dec 09), SQ has endeavoured to lead us to the joy that is handspinning. I am pretty sure that spinning makes the world a better place, and I can only hope that SQ does, too.

I would like to sincerely thank the many subscribers, contributors, designers, and spinners who made SQ what it is. If you are interested in back issues, or if you just want to keep in touch, I'm still here and spinning away so by all means give a shout.

Happy spinning,
Lorraine Smith